How To Feed A Medicine To Your Baby?

Are you struggling to get your baby to take medicine? As a parent, you may come across some of the precious moments and fun. The exciting moments faced by the parents such as first bath, first feed, smiles, first laugh, crawling, playing and some more. However, if your baby is suffering from a certain illness you need to feed some moderate medicine.

You need not fear about baby’s health but you have done some struggling activities while feeding medicine to your baby.

While giving a medicine, do not make them fear or upsetting and try to get back them to a normal position. Let see some of the tips for getting a child to take medicine:

Prevent Cough:

If you are going to feed medicine to your infant or baby, you have to make sure your baby is in the position of 45- degree angle. Otherwise, it will create choking for your child. Do not make your child get worried or fear about medicine. The parents have to face some struggling while giving baby medicine.

Liquid Medicine

Prefer Liquid Medicine:

If your baby or toddler is suffering from a certain illness, you have to prefer liquid medicine along with the side of a mouth. If the medicine goes directly to the center of the mouth, it will create a vomiting sensation to your baby. Try to place a tablet on the back of your baby’s tongue; otherwise, the baby will spit the tablet out. You have to use the strongly favored medicine to feed medicine to your child.

Reduce The Medicines Bad Taste:

If the medicine taste is too bad to take, your child will refuse to consume. You have to include favorite items like jam, custard, applesauce, and yogurt to get toddler to take medicine. You have to avoid some of the food items in baby’s medicine such as chocolate syrup, soft sweets or ice cream.

You have to add your baby’s medicine in a small amount of liquid juice; otherwise, the significant part of the medicine gets stored in glass, bottle or cup.

Prefer The Measuring Spoon:

While compared with ordinary tableware, you have to use the measuring spoon for feeding the medicine. You have to prefer the plastic medicine spoon, which contains the dosage marking. In addition, you have to use the medicine syringe for feeding medicine to young children and babies. Make sure, your child will consume all type of mixed food items.

Don’t Talk About Medicine:

You should avoid the medicine topic in front of your babies and young children. Medicine is not sweet, therefore it takes them to dangerous confusion.

Watch Your Child:

The parents have to concentrate on the child than the teenagers regarding the medicine they take. While feeding medicine to your baby, do not make them be afraid and Try to divert them from a medicine topic.

Make use of this information, if you are facing the struggles to feed medicine to your child. Thus, these are all the important factors you have to consider while feeding the medicine.